Nailin’ It: A Guest Post by Three Small Apples

Yvonne and I spend a lot of time discussing our mutual love for applying enough nail polish to paint a room on a regular basis. I thought why don’t we guest post on each other’s blogs – she suggested our top 5 polishes. Great minds eh? I’m still not on her blogroll however…*cough*

L-R: Nails Inc Shoreditch; Nails Inc Tate; Essie Merino Cool; Barry M White; and Chanel Vendetta.

‘To Do’ lists. Eurgh. Mine is huge and filled with such impossible tasks that the mere thought of the list makes me want to kill myself. Who can bear the sight of a list that contains both “Gym – go” and “Start novel”? Crumbs… maybe I should aim slightly lower? Although if the list was actually achievable, then I’d have to find another excuse for procrastinating all day and achieving none of it.

My current excuse (and it’s been my excuse since discovering Avon at the age of 13) is that “I’m painting my nails”. Don’t want to wash the dishes? “I’m painting my nails”. Not really up for making 4 cups of tea while boyf and his mates watch football? “I’m painting my nails”. Haven’t actually found the time to watch Peep Show, read the weekend papers, learn French, or find my glasses? It’s because I was painting my nails. In fact when I think about the amount of money and time that I’ve spent on my nails in the past 10 years… phew… deep breath… stop thinking about it… try not to be sick…
In an attempt to think positive nail varnish thoughts instead, I might just remind myself of a few of my nail favourites:

Nails Inc – Shoreditch

I love Nails Inc. I love the shape of their bottles, I love their champagne nail bars and I really love that they’ve named all of their varnishes after streets, landmarks and areas in London. I’ve lived in London for 10 years now = officially a Londoner (despite my accent)! Shoreditch by Nails Inc is awesome. An eye-popping hot pink which would suit most skin tones. And it’s my hood too. Wicked.

Essie – Merino Cool

Essie is another favourite brand and one of the things (after ridiculous amounts of Magnolia Bakery banana pudding) that I spend most of my money on when in NY. You need two to three coats to get streak free coverage, but the polish dries quickly, so it doesn’t take too long to layer up. Merino Cool is one of the colours from their AW 2010 collection. A pale mink-y tone which looks as neutral as a nude, but without the nail-less look that a nude shade can give you.

Chanel – Vendetta

I’m a bit obsessed with very dark nail varnish as it makes my hands appear paler. I’m fixated with avoiding a tan and the only person I know who wears factor 50 sun cream while still in the UK. Actually, my sister is slightly worse than me and carries an umbrella (it’s not even a parasol! It’s her Kuromi umbrella!) in the summer to hide from sunrays. I don’t go quite so far… Anyway, Vendetta is an almost black purple, with a subtle blue shimmer. Two coats are all you need for a completely opaque finish.

Barry M – White

Although I’ve moved on a bit from my Avon days (I left it behind when I got rid of my wet perm…) I am still a sucker for an impulse beauty buy when in Superdrug. Barry M is perfect as it’s so cheap that badly thought out purchases don’t break the bank, and therefore stops you from ever learning your lesson. Although white varnish does bring back tipex manicure (and wet perm) memories, I love how striking a colour it is. It’s surprisingly flattering too.

Nails Inc – Tate

And lastly, who doesn’t love a bold red?! End of conversation.

Guest post written by Three Small Apples, fellow fashion blogger, apparently a crap dancer (I’ve yet to see proof of this), fast talker (faster than me?), cupcake baking, cocktail swilling, biscuit munching backcomber and nail painter and with more elegant hands than I. *jealous* Keep an eye out for my guest post over on her blog soon!

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  • rachel eliza

    I’ve got Essie’s Chinhilly on right now and it’s my favourite—it’s slightly lighter than Merino Cool. (But all the Essies chip so soon… sigh…)

  • Anonymous

    @twitter-15221363:disqus I find that with some of the lighter colours, but it was also my top coat. Everyone goes on about Seche Vite but I don’t find it that great. I use Essie Top Coat – tis pretty good!

  • Jj

    Love this guest post!