Rock You Like a Hurricane

Even though I’ve only lived here for just under two months, I’ve managed to experience three hurricanes overall, Hanna, Irene and now Sandy. Perhaps Romney should put them in his binder.

I live inland so I’ll be fine and am not in the danger zone because if I was I would have to call Kenny Loggins. Due to the weather, but mostly because Halloween falls on a weekday this year, Saturday night was the Halloween night du jour. Twas my first time experiencing an American Halloween, and it was pretty cool. I am now realising that there were more options for costumes that I could have done…

I was going to be Lana from Archer, but I couldn’t find out where to get a slutty sweater dress (I mean, who still wears those?) and I unfortunately do not own any thigh high boots. And don’t even get me started on those Fiacci knockoffs. I know it’s still unseasonably warm but ah…

Lana from ArcherLana Kane from Archer

Instead I was a poor mans Tigger, or Hobbes which is what most Americans thought I was in my Primark onesie. Ah well… next year eh? The level of detail and effort the Americans put in to their costumes is magnificent, as their limey relation, I was rather jealous.

It’s Hip to be Square

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  • Abi

    your onsie is awesome! 

  • Anonymous

    Aw thanks! Was SO HOT THOUGH. It cost £12 from Primark!