Adidas Originals, A Love Letter #JDHEROES #adiOriginalsJD

Did you know that the average height of the UK male is 5″8 and the average height of the UK lady is about 5″3? Being 5″7 I am considered somewhat of an anomaly, especially considering my Asian heritage, instead of being small and dainty, I’m a veritable giant. (Or giantess)

Perhaps that’s why I don’t tend to wear heels a lot. Oh, I own them. I own a lot of them. People upon seeing my closet often ask why they never see me wearing any, and also why I seem to wear a variation of the same clothes everyday. Well London and any city is bad for heels. Potholes, inclement weather, various puddles of unrecognisable detritus, the cobblestones at Somerset House… and don’t get me started on when it rains. As well as towering over almost every man I meet (Hello, I’m up here), I’ve always been more of a flats girl. Specifically, a nice pair of trainers.

If I had to pick out an iconic pair of trainers from my past (or present) wardrobe, they’d have to be a pair of Adidas’s. Oh the incarnations they’ve had. From my first sky blue pair (which promptly got so filthy I wept) to a pair of shell toes I lovingly maintained until my feet grew out of them, I do luvva the Adidas. What can I say? It’s a super stylish brand, their ads are on point, as are their collabs, clothes and their unique retro vibe. And they did the Team GB kit and London 2012 trainers both of which I own (BECAUSE I LOVE YOU LONDON).

This new Adidas trainer is called AdiHoney. Aww honey! With a flash of tartan lining, they stand out from the other nondescript white trainers around, and you know, make a statement without being impractical, and will leave you enough change  from your £60 to buy an umbrella from that guy outside the Tube.

To buy this trainer click here. To vote for this trainer as your all time favourite and for a chance to win a pair of Adidas Originals and all 12 #JDHeroes click here

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