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In all honesty, no-one has got moves like Jagger

How many other frontmen do you know could pull off that tight purple V-neck/white flares combo?

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Adam Levine Should Be Banned From Wearing Shirts Forever

Welcome back baby. We’ve missed you.

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Brum ‘N’ Bass & Swiss Jerks – Being Urban Doesn’t Mean Being a Thug: #MTVPlayground Scene@

I’ve been a bit late to post up this content because of the pretty frightening goings on over this past week. I’ve seen local neighbourhoods and my community bearing the brunt of an angry bunch of looters with no sense of consequence or morality. London is my home, and will always be my home, wherever I live. Suffice to say, I’ve been a bit unsettled.

One of the arguments that have been thrown around is the usual adagio that “hip hop” is to blame. Paul Routledge wrote a column in the Mirror about rap music and hip hop being to blame for the riots – blaming the “trashy materialism” exhibited. While I agree on the point that the majority of hip hop these days is utter crap, the best argument against this nonensical article is that a glorified street culture is a result of how the youths have been treated. Professor Green by all rights, got a bit mardy and blasted Routledge. Plan B wrote an editorial in The Sun calling for more education before Britain is destroyed. Both guys from shit neighbourhoods (Hackney, Forest Gate). And both of them have some pretty angry music (Plan B’s first album is mint) but music was and is their way to express themselves and get out of the ghetto. Why is that a bad thing? I’d also like to add that Plan B and I went to the same school and I listen to a lot of hip-hop, grime and dub yet I have never felt the need to rob a jewellery store to tell them to make me a grill.

I am also not a sucka for corn rows and manicured toes.

I had a nice (albeit brief) chinwag on Twitter the other day with Damien from B-Better – a hip-hop education company, where he posed the question:

B-Better’s slogan is that hip hop is for everyone – and their motivation is self-expression.

Our aim is to further unify the elements of hip-hop through events and education. As mentioned before, through actively reaching communities, individuals and institutions alike, the understanding of hip-hop will grow.

Not only do they do some incredible work in the local community, they’re running a nationwide project called Everyday People , an internet TV series on 12 people learning to bust some (hip hop) moves. Definitely worth checking out their site for all that they do – and how you can get involved too.

Back to the main aim of this post. Scene@, part of the Swatch MTV Playground is an exploration of international style and sounds. The Scence@ platform is to show all the interesting, and different pockets of style and sounds world wide.

“Brum ‘N’ Bass” checks out the underground music scene in Birmingham, the UK’s second city. DJs, ravers and people involved in the scenes shared their stories about the evolution of the local scene and how
hybrids of dubstep, grime, techno and house are coming together in a new wave of bass heavy music.


You associate Switzerland with banks, mountains and chocolate but Jerkin’ originated in Los Angeles in the late noughties and now has one of the biggest outposts in Switzerland. And boy, can they move over in Le Suisse. 

Both these Scene@’s show that, through hip hop, dance, the diversity of youth culture and community what can be achieved. It’s not the be it and end all solution. But it’s a start.

You can also follow B-Better on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook

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EPIC MUSIC VIDEO TIME: Beastie Boys ft. Santigold – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win

This reminds me, I still haven’t seen Kanye’s full video for Runaway.

The Beastie Boys team up again with Spike Jonze (he made Sabotage) for as Idolator called it, “the most deranged Saturday morning kids show we’ve ever seen.”

**UPDATE** Just saw on Hypebeast that you can get The Beastie Boys action dolls for the bargainous price of $750! That’s right! The best part of $1000!

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Stereogum Presents… STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It

I’ve wanted to go to Coachella for a while, and I was erring on the side of caution, but when I heard The Strokes were headlining I WAS BOOKING MY FLIGHT LIKE A SHOT. Is This It is one of THE BEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME.

So I went, and danced to The Strokes under the California night sky with some of my dearest friends. It was incredible.

Also one of the best album covers of all time.

If you can believe it, Is This It is now 10 years old. Stereogum have assembled some of the finest indie artists out there to record tribute covers of Is This It. Aptly named “Stroked” – the album features Peter, Bjorn & John on the title track (verdict: jangly), Heems spitting bars on ‘New York City Cops’ and Owen Pallett putting piano and strings to ‘Hard to Explain’ amongst others.

Like Stereogum’s previous tribute albums (Radiohead’s OK Computer, R.E.M.’s Automatic For The People, and Bjork’s Post) you can listen and download them for free. How bleedin’ lovely.

via: Death & Taxes

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I’d really like Fred Butler to read me bedtime stories but instead she’s talking on music #MTVPlayground

While watching this video, I was actually lulled into a Ron Swanson sense of calm that usually only knowledge that there will be room for devilled eggs in the fridge, or an Andy Dwyer shoe shine can produce. A good friend of mine tells me I’m spreading myself too thin (he has a point, I’m not a rich generous layer of creamy beurre, I’m a mingy scraping of Flora EXTRA LIGHT.) Like Fred, being a creative and wanting to do many many things is difficult. I’d rather be able to do one or two things really well, then dabble in a lot and be rubbish. However I strongly belong to the camp of thought that to do something well, you should do it wholeheartedly, which I also feel Ms Butler does. She says she isn’t a musician but she can contribute with her pieces for videos which by all means, is no small contribution at all.

Music videos have given us style icons and inspiration throughout the ages.

Such as….

And I can’t forget Mama Madonna herself. 25 years later, and countless style evolutions later, Madame Ciccone is still going strong.

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Fashion & Music: A Love Story #MTVPlayground

“Popstars are the new supermodels.” – Alex Noble

If asked to name the supers of today, who would you come out with? Kate? Naomi? They were the supers of the 90s, and still relevant but who are the current supers? Musicians have in effect, taken their place. Take GaGa at Mugler, Roisin Murphy at Viktor & Rolf. Noble says fashion needs music, and music needs fashion. One influences the other, but how important do you think the influence fashion has on music and vice versa?


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I was foolish enough to do this in blistering 40C heat…

Global Inheritance - Energy FACTory

At Coachella, myself and my friend Sylvie, thought WHAT THE HEY, LET’S PLAY. I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed the heat, until I had to move. Or do anything. The great thing about Coachella was all the initiatives they had in place to reduce the impact of the environment. I must have put it to the back of my mind, but an email from Global Inheritance reminded me of all the neat stuff that was going on. (That’s right, I wrote NEAT. NEAT. NEATO!). It was hugely inspiring, and hopefully gave us festival goers food for thought.

The Energy FACTory highlights renewable energy sources while educating people on ways to curb their appetite for fossil fuels. Through installations, workshops and/or demonstrations, the Energy FACTory provides a unquie platform to educate people on wind, solar, kinetic, fossil fuels, biodiesel, Ethanol thermal and other types of energy. 24 DJs had the opportunity to spin Coachella with one catch, they had to recruit festival goers to generate energy to power their set. Last year we broke ground with this new program. Our goal in 2011 was to raise the bar a few notches and see if we could actually make the jump. Thanks all to everyone involved behind the scenes, we crossed the bar with no problems. The crown jewel of the Energy Playground was the Energy Swing supported by the second generation Energy Well, Hamster Wheels, Hand Cranks, See Saws and twice the number of Energy Bikes. The lines weren’t too long to use any of the re-engineered playground equipment so everyone had the opportunity to support the DJ sets.

Thankfully, I’m not in any of these pictures.

Human hamster wheels, the Tour de Energy bikes… we shied away from them. I care, but I don’t think me collapsing from heatstroke helps. So we played on the seesaw and the sexy swing. The sexy swing is best explained here.

But really, it’s a great cause. And it wasn’t as bad as the mental clown swings. At least there was a purpose to the madness.

I really wish my fingers could have been guns then…

Check out Global Inheritance Energy FACTory here along with all their other programs and how to get involved.

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‘Industry Collaborations’ – Swatch MTV Playground #MTVPlayground

I like watches, and music. I like to tell the time, and skank out as you would say. What better way to combine the two than to get involved with Swatch MTV Playground?

SMP is focusing exclusively on the relationship between fashion and music, and how they both interact and influence each other. Where to start really? Getting the top bananas in fashion and music to guest edit – starting with Fred Butler and Alex Noble

I could witter on more, but a video speaks more coherently than me. And it’s way more fun.

Get involved at Swatch MTV Playground’s Facebook and follow on Twitter @mtvplayground

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Shall I give Jessie J another chance?

It doesn’t take me too long to write someone off, which is (I think) a universally known fact. If not, now you know. I’m pretty tolerant of everything, but once someone crosses me, that’s it. Same with music, food, films etc. If I didn’t have a good first impression of it, chances are I won’t give it a try again. The irony there being is that for a long time I was unable to make a good first impression on many many people. Surely there’s some explanation there. Psychology buddies, wanna help me out?

When I first heard of Jessie J being the next Lady GaGa (I hate when press uses phrases as such) I thought “Hmmm.” Then I listened to her song “Do It Like A Dude” and was simultaneously offended and disgusted for my gender and my ears.

However I recently found out that she did a song for the Easy A soundtrack (you should watch it, it’s a great film – I rewatched it on the plane, because Delta is so crap, that the other films I’d seen before SINCE THEY WERE FROM 2010. Seriously – where was Source Code?) as pointed out to me by one of new CA besties and I was completely unaware it was her. And now I’m torn because it’s a great song and Jessie J is obviously talented (but has such abrasive music).

Here’s the full length song here. Whatja think guys? Worth giving the girl from the same ends as me another shot?*

* Only after I moved when I was a teenager. I’m not originally from Essex.

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