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If You Are in NY, There’s a Free Ghostface Show Tonight 24/4

Hello. I meant to post up this flyer before but I forgot. Mainly because I’ve been busy not getting radioactive powers. (I was bitten by a spider. More later) If you like me, are lucky enough to live in New York, legally (or illegally for some of you) there is a free Ghostface Killah gig tonight on the LES. WU LIFE.

How do you get in? For plebs, RSVP at rsvp.vice.com/fightland

Please join us on April 24th in New York as we celebrate the launch of VICE’s latest video channel, FIGHTLAND.COM, a site capturing the culture, personalities and trends around one America’s fastest growing sports, MMA.

WHAT: The Official Launch Party for FIGHTLAND, VICE’s new MMA site dedicated to capturing the culture, personalities and trends around one America’s fastest growing sport.
WHEN: Wednesday April 24th | 8 – 12AM | 21+
WHERE: The DL | 95 Delancey St, NYC
TRANSPORT: F, J, Z at Delancey/Essex St; D at Grand St

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SIX plus THREE DESIGNERS Exhibition @ The Hellenic Centre, London – 12th to 22nd March

I belatedly realised after I went to this exhibition that I should have invited my very good friend, and also very Greek friend, Melina. Melina, I disappoint. I am a terrible friend.

Much as I love to party party, and dance to um, celeb DJs (iTunes Party Shuffle), what I really love are exhibitions, and being able to be in a room and if not touch, stand very close to clothes that I will never own, but am just happy to be next to them. I suggest never going to an exhibition with me because I do get very absorbed in clothes and pictures. And my mouth is open a lot.

I headed to the private view of the SIX plus THREE DESIGNERS Exhibition at the Hellenic Centre, in Marylebone with my good friend and fellow blogger/writer/and all around top banana Akeela. Upon arriving at the Hellenic Centre, a deceptively slim townhouse, but a lovely high ceilinged space inside, we listened to a speech by Ioanna Papantoniou, President of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation on the exhibition.

The exhibition shows six contemporary Greek designers of the 20th Century who revolutionised the concept of couture in Greek, Jean Dessès, Yannis Evangelides, James Galanos, Dimis Kritsas, George Stavrapoulos, and Yannis Tsekenis. Alongside these six designers were three Greek international designers, Mary Katrantzou, Marios Schwab (whose stuff I adore) and Sophia Kokosolaki.







Top to bottom: Mary Katrantzou AW11, Mary Katrantzou SS11, Sophia Kokosolaki, Mary Katrantzou, Mario Schwab SS12, Sophia Kokosolaki.

Mary Katrantzou was the flavour du jour, with several attendees decked out in her clothes.

Greeks need to stop being so bloody cool. I don’t know many other guys who’d pull off the ladies blazer. Except Matthew Zorpas – another GREEK.

It was a rather lovely evening as we also ran into Kristabel of I Want You To Know and her painfully stylish mother Sandria (in Mary K no less), and spent a rather pleasant time, talking, standing too close to the mannequins (because I don’t get invites to the shows *cough* not that fancy a blogger really), chasing waiters for canapes and discussing my inability to talk like a normal person in mixed company.

I spent the rest of the night next to this plate.

My lipstick is red not orange

If you’re in the Baker St area, the exhibition runs until the 22 March and is free entry. Highly recommend popping down there, especially if you’re a fan of Mary, Marios or Sophia.

The Universal Greek Fashion Designers Exhibition runs from to 12th to 22nd March at the Great Hall @ The Hellenic Centre.

The Hellenic Centre
6-18 Paddington Street

Nearest station – Baker St
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 11am-7pm; Saturday and Sunday, 12am-4pm.

Awesome Flickr Gallery Error - SSL is required

Photos courtesy of Akeela Bhattay

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Win and TREAT YOURSELF to the Limited Edition Gold Diana F+ Lomography Camera

If you like me, some bitch broke your camera, or you rely heavily on your phone but long for actual nostalgia shots not created by Instagram, or both, then this treat would be right up your street.

The Diana F+ is an analogue medium format camera from the 1960s that produces those delightful colour saturated atmospheric pictures you may have seen being touted around on blogs and Flickr. If my terrible explanation was too terrible to understand, here’s some pictures which will give you an idea of what the Diana does.

Diana F+Diana F+Diana F+Diana F+
All images via Lomography Diana F+ Gallery

TSoS is giving away ONE Limited Edition Gold Diana F+ Lomography Camera (worth £99) to one lucky reader. Even if your festive season goes absolutely tits up, at least the pictures you take can tell a thousand lies. Having a crappy new year drinking Rose at midnight on the street after being kicked out of a party?* No worries, take the Diana F+ out with you, and all you’ll have are magical memories on film after you’ve repressed how your life invariably sucks. Also it has a handy chain strap so you don’t go losing it. Considering I don’t own a camera, I kinda wanna keep this for myself. But I won’t.

AND as an additional treat, Lomography is offering ALL TSoS readers (including the prize winner) a £10 credit to spend in the Lomography store (aptly named Piggy Points) by signing up here.

You know what you need to do:

1. FOLLOW this blog on Google Reader or Bloglovin’

2. SEND an email to winstuff [at]thescienceofstyle.com with the subject title LOMO with your FULL NAME/EMAIL ADDRESS you used to subscribe. Don’t worry if you email me with a different email than the one you chose to subscribe with – as long as you tell me what email address you used to subscribe.

3. FOR TUMBLR FOLLOWERS – you can also enter by following me on Tumblr and emailing winstuff [at]thescienceofstyle.com with the subject title LOMO with your FULL NAME and TUMBLR.


5. This prize draw NOW ENDS December 14th 2011 AT 8PM GMT


Prize courtesy of Lomography UK

*This may or may not have happened to me

**Additional small print: Entering the Lomography giveaway on TSoS means you consent to being signed up to the Lomography UK mailing list. They promise not to spam you, and you can opt out any time. This is only applicable to this giveaway only.

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Treat Yourself 2011 – I’m giving away gifts on TSoS


Treat Yourself 2011 on TSoS (The Science of Style) is almost coming up – keep your ear to the ground.

I will be giving away a variety of delightful gifts from December on my blog to my lovely lovely followers, because you are great and I wanna thank you for making my blog what it is.


- UK and Ireland (Sorry guys, I will hopefully be doing some international giveaways soon). If you aren’t based in the UK, and you enter and win, you will be disqualified and the prize will be drawn again.

- Subscribe to www.thescienceofstyle.com/blog  on Google Reader or Bloglovin’ 

- Send an email to winstuff [at]thescienceofstyle.com with the subject title being the prize you want with the FULL NAME/EMAIL ADDRESS you used to subscribe. Don’t worry if you email me with a different email than the one you chose to subscribe with – as long as you tell me what email address you used to subscribe.

- Tumblr followers, you can also enter by following me on Tumblr and emailing winstuff [at]thescienceofstyle.com with the subject title being the prize you want with your name and Tumblr.

- You can enter each giveaway, but only once. 

If you don’t win, don’t fret! There will also be some runner up prizes too.

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The Weekend

Weekends are usually time for relaxing, doing laundry, and sleeping late. I get asked what I do with my “spare” time when I’m not working. Well I’m still working as such, but one also has to drag oneself away from one’s computer… I thought I should write a blog about it (as you do).

This weekend, I attended 5 separate events. For someone who likes to stay in and watch Parks and Rec and Louie, that was… an effort for me. One was a meeting so that doesn’t count, but there was Eggs Florentine.



1. 44 Frocks

I finally managed to attend 44 Frocks this weekend. 44 Frocks is the brainchild of Laura Henson and Hania Elkington, who hold fabulous secret frock parties, with fizz, cake and specially shop an array of dresses from 6 to 16; Laura goes out to hunt amazing designer dresses and you get to try and buy in a gorgeous environment along with accessories. Each party has 44 specially curated frocks (hence the name) as well as expert advice from the ladies. This weekend’s one was at their Broadway Market venue. I didn’t get a dress, alas, as I turned up a tad late, as well as pleading poverty but I had a rather delightful afternoon sitting around, drinking tea and eating cake, and having a girly chitchat. 44 Frocks now has a boutique open in East London. To request invites for future parties you can sign up for the guestlist here

2. The FORBIDDEN DANCE Capsule Collection: GRIND x Bounty

After the frock fun, I went on a cake hunt for Akeela’s party and found out about Amy Winehouse when I was in Tesco (they have flat screen TVs in Liverpool St Tesco), and then proceeded to the Red Bull Studios in London Bridge for the launch of GRIND’s latest collaboration. As well as Bounty DJs spinning tunes and a special guest appearance from Terri Walker, the one off exhibition showcases five t-shirts designed with Kevin Morosky’s photography and GRIND London’s cult t-shirts.

At this point, not only had my camera died, but my phone was on it’s last dregs, and my spare battery was dead too. Twas rather annoying, but I got a photo of the window before my phone passed out.

3. Actually Akeela’s Birthday Do

Since my phone had died, I did some detective work to find out where Akeela actually lived. Rocking up with my cream cake, twas a night of joviality and fun. And since it was an actual private event that is all I shall say.

4. The Truvia Voyage of Discovery with Bompas & Parr on the roof of Selfridges

Dear Max informed me about this a week or so ago, so I signed up for free tickets. Truvia (which is a new, rather interesting sweetener) aligned forces with culinary wizards Bompas & Parr to transform the rooftop of Selfridgesinto a magical island and boating lake. Known for doing everything at the last minute, I had invited my cousin who was visiting who then MADE OTHER PLANS.

After mistakenly going up escalators in the belief that the magic lift to the roof was up there, I was spun around in many directions before finding the private book lined lift heading up to the roof. Melina and Constantine were none the wiser as I told them it was a surprise. (Aren’t they wonderful to just trust me?).

Upon arrival we were greeted by a fellow in a fetching green and white ensemble and a dashing mustache, who told us we were going on an adventure and handed us some crystals for trading (quartz, not crack rocks as I initially said). My compatriots were still none the wiser but followed dutifully… TO THE ROOF!

And today was a beautiful, beautiful day as well. Swapping our crystals for drinks, we lazed on the deck before getting in our boats, where we came across a lady feeding us leaves (not weed) and strawberries dipped in Truvia, who also gave us a second crystal. Rowing over to the lady by the waterfall, she alas, drove a hard bargain and wouldn’t barter with me. Reluctantly, I handed over both crystals for some suspicious looking bottles. And then there was a waterfall and we got wet, even though we were handed umbrellas. BUT AT LEAST I DIDN’T FALL OUT like a couple I saw (how embarrassing). Upon leaving, we were handed a Stevia plant which I then gave to my mother and made her eat a leaf.

Virgin Smash. Lolololol.

So yeah, that’s what I did this weekend. And now I’m lying in bed, catching up on work and blogging. Time flies when you have none.

Eggs Florentine image via: BBC Food

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I Can See Clearly Now

Look at these leather cases! FANCY

Terrible pun. But it is true. After a week of waiting (which isn’t very long) and some phone calls with some nice Northern opticians to discuss my severe astigmatism, I got an email on Friday saying they were shipped. I felt like Joey when Alicia May Emory came back in stock.

As much as I love my Ray Bans, the prescription on them hasn’t been changed in ages. Mainly due to the fact I also have another pair of kick-ass frames I bought in New York and was going to get lenses in, but the lens prices are extortionate to fit in the new pair, or refit my old ones. It costs more to refit lenses to an old pair than it is to buy a complete pair?? (Annoyance) Gloomily, I have them to one side until I can find somewhere reasonably priced to fit the lenses.

When London Retro offered me a voucher for a free pair of specs from Glasses Direct I was pretty chuffed. Espesh because Glasses Direct were also running 2 for 1, so I got 2 pairs, free to add to my collection of opticals. However, in all truthfulness, I’m pretty impressed by the quality and finish. All named after places in London, the frames are all £99 and lenses start from £5. That is a bargainous bargain. The costs are kept down by selling online, rather than on the high street.

From L-R: Soho (They make me look like Roz from Monsters Inc lolol); and Fitzrovia. Topless David Gandy makes an excellent backdrop.

I’m not retiring my Wayfarers yet, but for the sake of my eye health (and also cos they’re quite nice) I’ll be wearing these more regularly.

**I’ve now added a new category, FREE STUFF. See my disclaimer for more details on freebies and the ilk.

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Things to Do in London: Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition

Photo: James Morgan

When I was in Bradford this weekend, I was dying to visit the National Media Museum (to which Akmal replied to and said I was sad). Whatever. It was incredible. And they had all an arcade game exhibition on causing me to break my pound coins into 10p’s and bashing Street Fighter with abandoned glee.

Suffice to say, I like exhibitions, museums and galleries. That was an unwarranted and unneeded explanation but you got it anyway.

If like me, you are poor and live in The Big Smoke, I direct you to Travel Photographer of the Year opening this Thurs 5th May (you could go after voting) until June 10. Hosted at the National Geographic Society, you can see all of 2010’s best images, along with fantastic 19th century travel photos from the Society’s archives.

Oh, and the best part is, that it is free.

Travel Photographer of the Year
5 May – 10 June 2011

Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG)
1 Kensington Gore
London, SW7 2AR
Mon to Fri 10am – 5pm
Nearest Station: Gloucester Road

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